Tradition & History

Loyalty. Service. Innovation.

John D. (Jack) Goggins founded Security Packaging in 1984 as a supplier of value-added packaging materials, primarily for the automotive industry. He built his company on three guiding principals: Loyalty, Service and Innovation. These values quickly earned Security Packaging (now know as NorthGate) a reputation as a trusted supplier to General Motors and other clients in Flint, Michigan.

In 1992 Jack introduced the Gumwrapper® Packaging System. This revolutionary packaging system was created in response to our clients’ need to reduce costs and improve the packaging process. Since its inception, use of the Gumwrapper® has resulted in tremendous savings for its fortunate users. Jack always predicted the use of this system would result in such incredible savings, that the “Gumwrapper® would be free” – a prediction that has proven true.

Over the past twenty years, our innovations have gone far beyond packaging. We have developed expertise in warehousing, web-based inventory management, and transportation management to help our clients. When our largest client needed a complete reverse logistics system for their thousands of individual dealers, we implemented a customized program in just 30 days. Our commitment to Jack’s core principles have led us in a natural evolution from a packaging company to a full-service logistics management company.

Throughout the years, Jack brought in family members to make sure the company maintained his core principles and operated according to his vision. Currently, Jack's son, Andrew Goggins, is the CEO.  Teresa Goggins Witt, his oldest daughter, is the President and son-in-law, Rick Valley, is a Vice President. Jack passed away in 2010, but NorthGate is still devoted to the principles of Service, Loyalty, and Innovation - per Jack’s vision.