Gumwrapper Packaging System

NorthGate (formerly Security Packaging) is a warehouse-based 3PL and specializes in providing solutions to complex packaging systems This White Paper illustrates the effectiveness of one of our leading products, the Gumwrapper packaging system.


20 years ago, NorthGate (formerly Security Packaging) developed the Gumwrapper™ Packaging system, a more efficient and cost-effective method to package sheet metal automotive parts for service applications.

With the innovative Gumwrapper™ system, containers incorporate all internal dunnage and arrive completely set-up and ready to use. Our patented Velcro® closure system enables easy loading and product inspection throughout the distribution cycle.

Originally designed for fenders, the advantages of the Gumwrapper™ were quickly recognized and the system expanded to hoods, doors, fleetsides, liftgates, tailgates, vansides, grilles,bumpers and quarter panels. More recently, doorskins and trim components were added to the product mix.


Customers report a wide variety of immediate and long-term benefits. Using the Gumwrapper™ Packaging System you can:
  • Reduce Costs – Because the container arrives to your facility completely set-up and ready to load, you will package parts more quickly, with less labor, and at lower cost.
  • Increase Productivity – Package more parts with less labor, or package more parts in the same time. Either way, you save. Eliminate overtime hours and total labor costs.
  • Eliminate Racks – You won’t need costly production racks and you can eliminate all associated rack costs because you can unitize pre-assembled Gumwrappers? on pallets. The Velcro® closure system also accommodates part movement throughout the stamping, assembly, and e-coating environments, without the need for production racks.
  • Satisfy Customers– Dealers love our product. They simply open the Velcro® closure and remove the product—much simpler and safer than cutting bands and disassembling complicated packaging systems. This feature also promotes product wholesaleability.
  • Customize Packing – We will design the right system for your application with products such as the collapsible Gumwrapper? with our patented pop-up dunnage feature.
  • Improve Ergonomics – Minimal product movements and reduced hand operations reduce risk of injury.
  • Reduce Inventory – Receive all of your packaging materials just-in-time, completely set-up, and ready to use.
  • Reduce Waste – All internal dunnage is built inside the box, which helps to eliminates inventory imbalances.
  • Improve Quality – Our patented Velcro® closure system lets you inspect the contents of a container quickly and easily throughout the entire distribution cycle. Use of the Gumwrapper™ simplifies the packaging process and reduces variability to avoid packaging parts incorrectly.
  • Eliminate Downtime – You can completely eliminate lost time and labor costs associated with machine downtime and changeover.
  • Help the Environment - Instead of foam inserts, most Gumwrappers? use recyclable corrugated dunnage which is less costly to dispose and more environmentally friendly.


When we launched the Gumwrapper™ Packaging system we tackled and overcame many daunting obstacles such as reducing costs, improving just-in-time (JIT) delivery, and reducing product damage.

Few thought that we could deliver five timely loads per day. Today, we average more than 20 deliveries daily, with peak deliveries of almost 50 per day! Despite constantly changing schedules and short or non-existent lead times, we have recently surpassed 80,000 consecutive on-time deliveries, all arriving within a five-minute window!
Additionally, the Gumwrapper? Packaging system meets rigorous Federal Express testing, and we’ve been able to meet and exceed this requirement whenever specified.

We met all of the challenges we faced, but could we remain the most cost-effective solution in the competitive market we serve? We remain competitive by our relentless pursuit for cost-savings and our insistence in sharing those savings with our customers. This kind of proven success is behind the broad acceptance and widespread adoption of the Gumwrapper™ Packaging system.


NorthGate is a leader in packaging and delivery systems. Our Gumwrapper™ packaging system is ideal for the automotive industry and other large Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) at a time when competition is tougher than ever. Adopting the Gumwrapper™ packaging system is the first step toward immediate cost savings, higher quality, increased customer satisfaction, and long-term continuous improvement.