Self-Sealing Packaging Systems

NorthGate also offers a complete line of self sealing cartons that save time and money.

We call them Press-n-Seal™ and Peel-n-Seal containers because that's all you do. Either press and seal them closed or peel and seal them closed. Simply set up the container, press and seal the bottom flaps. Place the product(s) in the container, and press and seal the container closed. You now have a secure shipping container. No off-line tape, staples or glue is required. Press-n-Seal™ containers are obviously easy to use, they also address challenging health and safety issues. Messy glue guns, dangerously sharp tape dispensers, and clumsy staplers are avoided. Carpel tunnel issues are also addressed with the use of this product. Press-n-Seal™ containers are available in 40 different sizes, or we can make a container to your specified size(s).

Advantages include:
  • Elimination of tape, staples, and glue supplies
  • Easy to use while addressing costly ergonomic issues
  • Eliminates dangerous glue guns
  • 40 sizes available, or made to your specifications