Reverse Logistics

We offer a complete reverse logistics program: 

  • Material Return (MR) Processing
  • Inspect/Sort
  • Salvage (Asset Recovery)
  • Restock
  • Repair/Rework/Repackage
  • Intercept
  • Core reclamation
  • Quality inspection
  • Claims validation
  • Recycle / Scrap

If your business ships goods to customers, retailers, or dealers, it’s inevitable that a certain percentage of those goods are going to be returned. Managing these returns can take time, money, and resources away from your core business. We specialize in providing reverse logistics solutions. We currently manage a complex product returns program which involves thousands of automobile dealerships and retailers from around the country, hundreds of thousands of SKU’s, and dozens of possible sorts.

  • Minimize waste and maximize product recovery: We’ll inspect, sort, recover, and repack all usable product, maximizing the value of your assets.
  • Improve product controls: We’ll provide you with product analysis tools to help you better understand why products are getting returned and how you can reduce your returns rate.
  • Reduce costs: We already have the facilities, equipment, and experienced staff. Contract with NorthGate to manage your product returns program and you can realize considerable savings.
  • Improve customer satisfaction: We can ensure smooth, efficient management of your returns program, and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Focus on your core business: Our experienced returns specialists will manage the entire returns process, from product handling to paperwork.

Download the NorthGate Reverse Logistics White Paper to learn more about our reverse logistics capabilities.