Inventory Control

InventoryTracking-NorthGate-FlintMichiganTens of thousands of pieces move through our warehouse facilities every week.

Our warehouse contains thousands of sku’s, and tens of thousands of pieces move through our facilities every week. Despite this complexity, our sophisticated Warehouse Management System makes sure that we know exactly where every single part is, at all times. This powerful, scalable and flexible real-time system maintains an accurate and electronic record of all activity at our facility(ies). We have build to suit capabilities and are experts at design, development and implementation of customized, technology-based distribution systems.

Our secure, web-based inventory control portals provide complete visibility to your products over the entire supply chain. You’ll see when we receive your product, what processing is taking place, and how, when and to whom the product was shipped. When you work with NorthGate, you’ll have:
  • A secure, easy-to-use web management system customized for your company
  • Visibility tools to track product movement through every stage of the logistical process
  • Access to a global tracking network