Gumwrapper® Packaging System

The Gumwrapper® system was developed around the premise that cartons can be delivered to our customers set-up and ready to use.

Our customers have embraced the Gumwrapper® concept since 1993. This system was originally engineered for shipping automotive sheet metal replacment parts such as, hoods, fenders, doors, doorskins, fleetside panels, tailgates, decklids, grills, and bumpers.  However, the concept can be utilized for so many other products and applications.  Advantages of the Gumwrapper® include the following:
  • Increased productivity: Use of the Gumwrapper® will provide significant labor savings.
  • Waste reduction: The Gumwrapper® is all inclusive, eliminating the ordering and storing of containers, pallets, dunnage, tape, staples, glue, etc. The GumWrapper® is also 100% usable and recyclable.
  • Warehouse improvements: Just in time delivery of our packaging product frees up valuable warehouse space.
  • Quality improvements: The Gumwrapper® was designed to reduce damage, and it has in every case where it has been used.
  • Content inspectability: The Gumwrapper®'s patented re-closure inspection lock allows for product inspection at various phases after the initial packaging operation is complete. Additional advantages include: reduced material movements, and indirect labor savings.
Don't worry about freight costs due to product density relating to shipping set-up containers; NorthGate has developed the Knocked-Down Gumwrapper® to address this issue. This allows us to ship as much as 5 to 1 when compared to our standard GumWrapper®, and still affords most of the advantages.

If you manufacture a product that is difficult or labor intensive to package, and your company wants to save money by looking at the True Cost of Packaging, consider using the Gumwrapper®, a time-tested packaging system.

Download the NorthGate Gumwrapper® White Paper to learn more about our packaging system capabilities.